Home remedies to increase oxygen level in the body and To Make Lungs Healthy And Strong.

Home remedies to increase oxygen level in the body and To Make Lungs Healthy And Strong.

In this terrible disease called Covid-19, the level of oxygen in the body decreases very quickly. In order to increase the oxygen level in the body quickly, 2 types of home remedies have been mentioned in Ayurveda.

how to increase oxygen level in body during covid

How to increase the oxygen level in the body :-

Covid-19 disease is on the rise everywhere, and most of the patients who have covid have oxygen level problems.A person can survive without water and food for a long time, but without oxygen, a person cannot survive.

Whether it is a developed country or a developing country, where the corona is rampant, all the medical infrastructure is in ruins, most patients do not have access to beds, oxygen cylinders, and so on. Died.

In this article we will look at how to increase oxygen level and what are the methods mentioned in Ayurveda to increase the oxygen level so that even those who have diseases like asthma, etc. suffer from low oxygen level.

If the lungs are good, the oxygen in the air mixes well with your blood and the carbon dioxide that is produced in the body is expelled properly and this is how they work properly. Their lives are also longer. So it is very important for our lungs to work 100% and right now it is very important for our lungs to be clean and strong.

Covid's disease does not keep the lungs healthy, and it is difficult to get oxygen because they are not healthy.That is why your lungs are the most important thing to increase oxygen, it needs to be the strongest because only if it is strong, the amount of oxygen in the body is automatically increased.

As mentioned in Ayurveda, we are going to do an experiment at home that will keep the lungs healthy and the phlegm and cough that is in your body will come out completely and so you will not have any difficulty in taking oxygen at all.

Home Remedies To Make Lungs Healthy And Strong :-

Like Ayurveda, whatever medicine is going to be made, there is no side effect that the medicine can be taken by everyone in the house from young to old.

There are only two things you need at home to make this medicine, one of which is linseed. Boil a glass of water and add a teaspoon of linseed in it. Linseed is so important that in Ayurveda there are colds, coughs and even epidemics like pneumonia and bronchitis, which is a lung disease.

The second ingredient is white or black mole.Sesame has properties that cure cough and phlegm quickly.Sesame also works to give energy to the body, so a teaspoon of sesame should also be added to boiling water.

After adding lentils and sesame seeds, you also need to add a little salt in the boiling water.

This mixture you want to boil until half done. A glass of water is poured and it is to be boiled on low heat till it becomes half a glass.After half a glass, the mixture is to be filtered, the mixture is formed like a slightly viscous liquid.

Once the mixture is slightly warm, add a teaspoon of honey.

Honey is the most important ingredient for cleansing the lungs but those who have diabetes or sugar should drink this mixture without mixing it with honey.For those who do not suffer from diabetes and sugar, honey must be added to this mixture.

After adding honey, you want to mix this mixture well and in the morning you need to take this mixture daily for seven days.

The difference will be felt immediately after taking this mixture on the first day, as well as take this medicine for seven days without fail, everyone in the house can take this medicine. It is a very simple and easy medicine that anyone can make at home.

Thus, after taking this medicine, whatever cough and phlegm you have in your body comes out, and if your lungs have failed, they also work to take oxygen in a very proper way and also work to expel carbon-dioxide from your body.

Similarly, as mentioned in Ayurveda, we will see how another medicine is also prepared at home. This medicine can be made at home in a very simple way to increase the oxygen level of the body, to make the lungs healthy as well as to cure the phlegm and cough quickly. Right now, in covid diseases, it is very important to keep your lungs clean and healthy.

Steam Remedy to increase oxygen level in body at home :-

This second medicine is meant to evaporate and it is very good to evaporate. Taking this vapor cures cough and phlegm in the city but also increases the oxygen level in our body.

This steam can also be taken by small or big people in the house, no side-effects are caused by steam.

If this steam is taken as stated in Ayurveda, it is very beneficial, but it takes only two household items to make this steam.

One of them is Ova. Ova is in everyone's home.Ova has a medicinal property, Ova expels phlegm from the body quickly.

Ova is also very good for colds. If a child has a cold, if he is baked with a splash of ova on his chest, his cold will be thin and the cold will get better soon.

The second ingredient is camphor. Camphor is also in everyone's home.The smell of camphor also kills viruses and bacteria in the house.camphor is such an important factor that when mountaineers go to high mountains and when they go to high mountains they have oxygen problem. Then they smell camphor and smelling camphor increases their oxygen level.

Mix one teaspoon of ova and two or three camphor swabs and grind well. After mixing well, this mixture is ready If you have bad breath as well as bad taste in the mouth, this mixture immediately gives good taste in the mouth and also cures bad breath.

Put two to three glasses of water in a pot and bring it to a boil. After boiling the hard water, add the mixture to the water. After mixing this mixture in that water, you want to evaporate this mixture.

This mixture of water vapor cures cough or phlegm quickly and it does not cause any side effects even if it is taken by a child or an adult in the house. This steam is to be taken twice a week.

So everyone in the house should evaporate this water. Mixing this ova and camphor, crushing it well, mixing it in hot water and steaming it cures all kinds of lung related ailments. If the oxygen level is low or your lungs are bad, they also heal faster by evaporating the water.

You can also do these two medicines mentioned above as mentioned in Ayurveda at home. Any of these components are readily available in your home.

If you have taken this treatment which is very easy and anyone can do it and you have felt any benefit, please comment below. 


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