Health Benefits of Yoga and Types of Yoga,What is Yoga ?

Health Benefits of Yoga and Types of Yoga,What is Yoga ?


Health Benefits of Yoga and Types of Yogasana,What is Yoga
What is Yoga ?

What is Yoga ? Yogasana Information :

Yoga is the act of keeping the inner and outer parts of the body healthy. No work can be done well unless the interior and exterior of the body are healthy. The human body and the brain are closely related.

The excrement and deformities that are produced in the body due to daily movement of the body and daily meals are excreted from the body in seven ways as follows.

1)Through the left and right nostrils

2)Via the left and right eyes

3)Through the left and right ears

4)By mouth

5)By the anus

6)By the genitals

7)through the skin

If these seven ways of defecation are not excreted adequately and regularly, many diseases can occur.Doing yoga every day removes the seven ways of defecation and adequate excretion from the body and thus keeps your body healthy.

The following are the benefits of doing yoga to the body :

1) The first advantage is that doing yoga takes up very limited space and requires fewer tools.

2) Another benefit is that we can do yoga alone.

3) Yogasana does not require much food, so it costs less.

4) Yogasanas make the body flexible.

5) Doing yoga gives adequate exercise to the internal parts of the body and thus a person can stay healthy and wholesome for a long time.

6) The effect of yoga is more on the human mind and other senses, so the inner power that controls the mind and the senses develops.

7) Doing yoga enhances immunity and cures the body.

8) Doing yoga removes feces and other debris from the body properly.

9) Doing yoga creates excitement in the body, increases the power to work, brightens a person's skin and prolongs his life.

10) Doing yoga increases circulatory power and purifies the blood to a great extent.

11) Doing yoga depends on one's life, youth and health.

12) Doing yoga does not use much energy, so doing yoga does not make you feel tired.

13) Doing yogasana brings peace of mind and develops your intellect.

14) Doing daily yoga promotes balanced development of the body.

15) Yoga can cause constipation, flatulence, diabetes, blood pressure, headaches, colds, etc. Illnesses are cured.

16) Older men and women can also do yoga.

17) Doing yoga makes a person charismatic.

18) The most important thing is that by doing yoga on a daily basis, a person develops, a person never gets sick, and not getting sick, he does not get any other kind of disease, and therefore prolongs a person's life.

Here are some rules to follow while doing yoga before getting the full benefits of yoga :

1) Yoga should be done in the morning after the toilet.

2) If one takes a bath before doing yoga, the body stays light and happy.

3) If you want to take a bath after yoga, use lukewarm water instead of cold water.

4) The place to do yoga should be flat and quiet.

5) Men wear shorts and while doing yoga,Women should wear Punjabi dress or slacks.

5) Do not do asanas by jerking or pushing the body while doing yoga.

6) While practicing asanas, the practice of asanas should be gradually increased so that the body becomes flexible.

7) Don't talk while doing yoga.

8) When doing yoga, you should focus on the part of the body that is under pressure.

9) If yoga is done with concentration, there are physical and mental benefits.

10) The yogi should eat light food so that the body stays light.

11) If a person is more ill and has a fever, then yoga should not be done.

12) Ladies should not do yoga after four months of pregnancy, three months after delivery & Women should not do yoga during menstruation.

13) Don't do too much yoga on the first day.

14) While doing yoga, the number of asanas and the time allotted for it should be gradually increased.

15) There should be no rush to do any asana from beginning to end and from end to first.

16) If you do not feel tired while doing yoga and your body is light and your work ethic increases, then it should be understood that yoga is going well.

Yoga and its types to be done according to each part of the body :

1) Sitting yoga

2) Yoga for sleeping on the floor

3) Do yoga while sleeping

4) Yoga with emphasis on the hands

5) Yoga with emphasis on the knees

6) By doing yoga with emphasis on the feet

7) At the top.

We will look at these seven types of yoga in stages.While doing yoga, there is no harm to the body as well as benefit, so everyone should do yoga.


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