Causes of Hair Loss and Home Remedies

Causes of Hair Loss and Home Remedies

Hair loss is a major problem today,Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including illness, medication, or heredity.
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If a young girl or a boy loses her hair,Their confidence also starts to decline.If you have thick hair, you look young, but if you have a bald head, you look old.It is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day but if you have more hair loss than that, you should definitely consider it.Like the hair growth cycle, hair usually grows back after a hundred days.

Hair loss reasons :

Heredity is the leading cause of hair loss.If the hair of the mother and father is young then the rate of hair loss of their children is also highest..
An unbalanced diet for weight loss can lead to hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause, and an imbalance can lead to temporary hair loss.
Hair growth also requires a high level of hormones in the body.
Thyroid, Estrogen and estrogen are the most important hormones that can cause your hair to grow.Hair loss is also caused by drugs used on the road before cancer, heart disease, etc.
In today's fast paced life boys and girls are now under pressure to lose weight as well as unbalanced diet, various types of addictions, strange hairstyles because it also causes hair loss at an early age.
Stress also weakens the hair follicles,Also eating junk food, oily and spicy foods also causes hair loss.

What to do to stop hair loss ?

Lack of vitamins, minerals and proteins in the diet weakens the hair loss.So you should eat as much as you can of vitamins, minerals and proteins in your diet.In addition, if you want to stop hair loss, you should do yoga and meditation. Yoga improves blood circulation through pranayama and exercise and reduces stress so that hair does not fall out.
From the point of view of Ayurveda, hair is the root of the bones. If the bones are good, then the hair is also good. Many people have experienced that some of the bones get damaged or fractured due to accident. Your hair starts to grow a lot. The best medicine for wind is oil and thus there is an indirect relationship between hair and oil.
If the bones in your body are strong then hair loss is also less.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss :

1) The first step is to eat a protein rich diet.
2) The second solution is not to wipe wet hair too much after bathing.
3) Massage the hair with oil and do not rub the fingers on the surface of the head while massaging.
4) Use olive oil when you have thin hair,It is also beneficial to heat mustard oil.
5) Apply onion juice on the scalp and wash it off after half an hour.
6) Do yoga, especially headstand. Headstand improves blood supply to your hair.
7) Apply multani soil to the hair to increase the shine of the hair.
8) Apply yogurt to hair to remove dandruff.
9) Do not wash hair with hot water.
10) Too much salt in the diet can lead to baldness.
11) Take one teaspoon of salt, black pepper, add five teaspoons of coconut oil to this mixture.
12) Add amla powder and lemon water in two liters of water, boil two liters of water till half done, clean the hair twice a week with this water. This also stops hair loss.
13) Maximize the use of fenugreek vegetables in meals. Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight, make their paste in the morning and apply this paste on the hair to stop hair loss.
14) Extract the juice of Jaswant flower, massage the hair with this juice, rinse the hair after one hour. The hair becomes black with thickening.
15) Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice,Pour this juice in coconut oil and bring to boil,When this oil cools down, keep it in a bottle and after applying this oil on the hair daily, it will not show hair loss.
16) No matter which shampoo you use, it is important that its pH is neutral.
17) Donating blood reduces bile and reduces hair loss.
18) Mix coconut oil with onion juice and after massaging with this oil, wrap it in a towel and steam it so that hair grows.
19) Make onion paste and mix honey drops in it and apply this paste on the hair where it is less. It helps in thickening the hair.
20) Before going to bed every day, apply warm coconut oil to the hair and wash the hair as usual while taking a bath in the morning as it makes the hair thicker and stronger.
Hello friends, if you have any such home remedies to stop hair loss, please type your remedies in the comments.

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