The amazing multipurpose health benefits of onion, Side Effects-Healthcare

The amazing multipurpose health benefits of onion, Side Effects-Healthcare


The amazing multipurpose health benefits of onion, Side Effects-Healthcare

The most important ingredient in your daily life is onion.Without onions, cooking will not taste good. Just as onion is an important ingredient in cooking, it is also very useful in Ayurveda.Onion has excellent medicinal properties,It is said in Ayurveda that onion is an elixir for many ailments.

There are many types of onions but depending on their color, onions are currently found in red and white varieties.Onions contain sulfur, sugar, calcium, phosphoric acid, lignin, albumin and group A, C, and B vitamins.Onion has volatile oil which makes it spicy. There are more than two hundred varieties of onions in the world.

As mentioned above, the two main varieties of onion produce a red onion and a white onion, so we will now learn about these two varieties.

white onions and what are its benefits :-

White onions are high in fiber and prebiotics, It also contains a large amount of antioxidants and compounds. Eating white onions also lowers triglyceride levels, lowers cholesterol levels and promotes good heart health.

White onions have sulfur, antioxidant, flavonoid properties, these ingredients have anti-cancer properties. The properties of sulfur, flavonoids in white onions make the blood thinner in the body. Eating white onion also helps in controlling the sugar level in the body. People with diabetes should definitely use white onion in their diet. White onion should be used in the diet of young children due to its high medicinal properties.

Benefits of white onion

Benefits of white onion :-

1) Eating white onion helps control blood pressure and prevents heart related diseases.

2) In case of cold, cough and sore throat, it is beneficial to mix white onion juice and a teaspoon of honey in it.

3) White onion is also good for hair. Applying white onion juice on hair reduces hair loss and thickens hair growth.

4) If the heel of the foot is split, white onion should be spread on it.

5) Eating white onions boosts the city’s immune system.

Disadvantages of eating white onions :-

There are advantages and disadvantages to eating white onions, so do not overeat while eating white onions.

1) White onions control sugar, so anyone with diabetes who is diabetic should definitely check their sugar before eating white onions because it reduces the amount of sugar in onions.

2) Pregnant women should consume very little white onion.

3) Eating too much onion can cause heartburn.

Benefits of red onion:-

Benefits of red onion

1) If red onion is used as a salad for lunch, digestion is good.

2) Consumption of onion does not cause cold and cough.

3) Onion is an easy way to prevent heatstroke.

4) If one gets dizzy, onion should be kept near the nose.

5) If there is bleeding from the nose, put two to three drops of onion in the nose.

6) If any insect bites on the body, apply onion juice there.

7) If there is pain in the knee, it is beneficial to mix onion juice with mustard seeds.

8) Mixing onion juice with olive oil and applying it on the face reduces pimples on the face.

9) In case of hair loss, apply onion juice on the hair roots.

10) In case of headache, one teaspoon of onion juice in three teaspoons of water along with sugar gives relief.

11) Onions contain chromium, which is an important factor in blood circulation.

12) Eating onions strengthens the bones of the body.

13) If the ear is sore, then two-three drops of onion juice is added to stop the sore ear.

14) Eating onions also increases eye power.

15) Eating onions also increases male fertility.

Disadvantages of eating red onion :-

Eating onion does not cause any harm but onion should not be eaten in excess.Eating too much white onion is just as harmful as eating red onion.

Applying onion juice on the skin or face can cause allergies and rations in some people.Therefore, if you want to apply onion juice on the body, first test it on a small part of the body,Wait for five to ten minutes. If nothing happens, apply onion juice along with the mixed ingredients.

Eating onions causes bad breath.

Remedy for onion to last longer :-

1) Always keep onions well ventilated. Do not keep onions in damp places.

2) Onions should never be refrigerated.

3) If the onion should be checked every time,If any onion is spoiled, it should be thrown out immediately.

4) If chopped onion is left over during cooking, pack it in a plastic bag and keep it in the fridge for two to three days.


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