11 Home remedies to keep the house free of all germs & Viruses.

11 Home remedies to keep the house free of all germs & Viruses.

Mosquitoes, gnats, mosquitoes are all pests in everyone's home and these pests are an indirect attack on the health of the people in the house. No matter how hard you try, these insects do not leave the house.
No matter how much cleaning is done in the house, no matter how many medical sprays are applied, these insects go away for a day or two but come back to the house.

A very simple home remedy to stay home germ free :

Also, this remedy is to get rid of all the pests in the house, but it also has the benefit of relaxing the nerves in the body, refreshing it, giving peace of mind.
This is an important way to prevent reptiles from entering the house.This is a home remedy and the ingredients used in it can be easily found anywhere.
To do this, a lamp must first be installed in the house. There is a lamp in front of God in everyone's house, because of that lamp all the insects in the house like cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, mosquitoes, etc. will go out of the house permanently and the house will be germ free.
This experiment is to be continued for seven days.
We put a lamp or panati in the house, it contains ghee or oil. You want to put an ingredient in this ghee or oil, adding that ingredient will get rid of all the germs in the house.
That ingredient is Vekhand powder, Vekhand powder is easily available in any medical store.It is to be mixed in the ghee or oil which is put in the powdered lamps. Ghee or oil lamp or panati mixed with Vekhand powder is to be brought in the house.
First you have to mix Vekhand powder in oil or ghee and then you have to bring a lamp containing oil or ghee in the house, this lamp is to be brought in the house continuously for 7 days.
By lighting this lamp continuously for seven days, all the germs in the house go out and the house becomes germ free.
By mixing Vekhand powder and lighting a lamp, the odor destroys the germs in the house and also the nerves in the human body are freed due to this odor.
This is a very simple solution that everyone should do at home.

Home remedies to get rid of all pests in the house :

1) If house mosquitoes are to be repelled, camphor should be burnt in the houses. After burning camphor, close all windows and doors of the house for 10 minutes. This kills all the insects and mosquitoes in the house.
2) Another solution is to sprinkle lavender oil on the house.
3) Even if the juice of Tulsi leaves is applied to the body, mosquitoes do not bite. Also, if there is a Tulsi tree in the house, mosquitoes and insects do not enter the house.
4) The smoke from burning the leaves of the neem tree also kills all the pests in the house.
5) Even if mint leaf juice is sprinkled at home, all the pests are destroyed.
6) Take an empty refill like All Out, open the lid and put camphor powder in it and mix turpentine oil in it, turpentine oil can be found in medical stores or hardware stores, put camphor in turpentine oil and apply this refill at home And it has no side effects. The camphor and turpentine oils in it destroy all the germs in the house.
7) Mixing clove oil and coconut oil and applying it on the body also does not cause any insect bites.
8) Plant marigold trees around the house, even if you keep marigold in the house, all the insects will run away with the smell of marigold.
9) Even the smell of garlic flies away all the pests in the house, so grind the garlic and boil it in hot water.
Where there are more mosquitoes, keep this garlic water.
10) The most important and best remedy is to plant plants like basil, marigold, herbal tea and mint around the house. Even planting these trees does not bring any kind of pests into the houses.


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